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Telephone/Voice Mail Training

Online Training & Information Center

Here you will find access to resources that will help you continue to utilize your phone and voice mail system to it's fullest capacity. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

User Guides

Phone System User Guides


Voice Mail

Digital Key Telephone   CIX40 VM
Analog Single Line Telephone   Stratagy IVP8/Flash
DKT 2004-CT Digital Cordless   Stratagy ES/iES
DKT 2104-CT Digital Cordless   CTX28 VM
Electronic Key Telephone    
External Wireless Digital Handset  
Quick Reference Guides
Integrated Wirelesss Digital Handset  
IP Telephones   Stratagy IVP8/Flash
PC Attendant Console   Stratagy ES
PC Digital Telephone   CTX28 VM
DP5000 User Guide      


Administration Guides

Phone System / IP Telephones


Voice Mail

IP Telephone Administration   Stratagy ES
IPT Telephone Setup/Programming   Stratagy IVP8/Flash
MyPhoneManager   CTX28 VM

Online Training


Phone & VoiceMail Usage Training  

Taske Training - Using the Taske Web Interface Fundamentals (Please be patient while it loads, it may take a few moments)
Taske Training - In-Depth and Specific Details  

Toshiba Phone Usage Training  

Support Documents

How to change the time on your CTX or CIX Phone System  
Basic Tests if your IP Phone is not operating  
Router Configuration for IP Telephones used outside the office