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North American Baptist Conference

The North American Baptists Conference is a national organization unifying Baptist Churches across the U.S., including Canada. With a staff of 25 and more than 20 Regional Ministers working remotely, it needed Telephone System support, VoIP capabilities, IT Helpdesk Support, VPN support and functional maintenance for multiple DC's, Exchange and File/Print servers, desktops...
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AWH Skateboard Sales & Distribution

AWH Skateboard Sales & Distribution needed to bring their 9 year old network, servers and workstations up to par to improve performance for employees and customers and to mitigate the risk of hardware failure and the negative impact the lack-of-performance was having on their operation...
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A-1 Limousine Service, Inc.

A-1 Limo had an aging mixed infrastructure of 2000/2003 Servers on aging hardware with no operational redundancy of fault-tolerance in place. As a 24x7x365 operation, their business depended upon never missing a call and they were at serious risk of aging equipment failure and having software environmental issues with compatability and reliability which needed to be addressed...
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