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AWH Skateboard Sales


AWH Skateboard Sales is an organization that manufactures and distributes skateboards, decks and related products to businesses across the U.S. With a staff of 15, their network infrastructure and workstations were significantly outdated and causing issues while trying to run newer software and perform daily functions.

Client Requests

• Upgrading of workstations to newer PC's
• Installation of new FileServer & Domain Controller
• Support for the migration of Online Store backend components like SQL to hosted solution.


• 9 year old servers running 2K & 2K3
• Inadequate file storage capacities & ineffective backups
• Workstations not performing to standards

Interstate Solutions
We suggested the following to meets the client needs:

- Installation of new Domain Controller and File Server for storage upgrade and Active Directory Redundancy
- Replacement of workstations with new PC's.
- Backup rotation solution consisting of removable SATA HDD Cartridges and Online Backup for mission-critical accounting and operational data.

Client Satisfaction
“We knew we were operating at less than optimal standards, but the before-after difference was amazing! If we'd have known how much better and faster things would operate after this upgrade, we wouldn't have waited so long.”