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Telecommunications & Cost Management Consultation

Finding the right mix of telecommunications services - with the best vendors and at the lowest rates is a daunting task for most small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations.

As different telecommunication providers merge and expand, they also cut staff, particularly in customer service. Sales and support staff do not have the time or resources to actively manage their customers' accounts, and they rely on customers to ask questions about new services, programs and various rate packages. Equally frustrating, the telecoms go after large corporate accounts and place much less emphasis on smaller companies and groups.

Rapidly changing technology complicates this issue even more. Most businesses don't have the staff to focus on breakthroughs in communication technology, and they often can't keep pace with changes in hardware and software. Those who miss out on these advances in technology lose a competitive edge as they continue to use equipment which performs far less productively. This is precisely where Interstate Technologies can help small- to mid-sized businesses and organizations.

We help clients better define their total communication needs, and we perform a thorough Telecommunication Analysis that helps identify:

  • How telephone calls are handled currently
  • The needs and capabilities of your system
  • The resources and expenses of your total communications and telephone operation

This report will help your company:

  • Reduce costs
  • Find redundancies, waste, and other expense generators
  • Discover technology path upgrades or enhancements to position your firm for future growth.

In other words, we'll help you determine exactly where you are now, the pros and cons of your current status, where you might want to be in the future and how you can get there.

Our services:

  • Monitor changing rates and service plans among leading telephone companies to help you get the best value
  • We offer third-party support to resolve issues with telephone companies and telecom vendors
  • We offer third-party support to resolve issues with telephone companies and telecom vendors