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Business Telephone Systems

Interstate Technologies has the right business telephone system for you. We offer:

  • A wide range of powerful communications capabilities
  • Customized features and options to meet your specific needs
  • A modular approach to grow along with your business

In today's web-enabled workforce, business professionals are working in multiple locations. Your communication system should enable everyone on your team to stay connected, with seamless access to phone messages and e-mail virtually anywhere. We have award winning, industry leading communication and messaging solutions that progressive companies need to maintain a diverse and distributed workforce communication network.

We are proud to be a Toshiba Business Partner. Toshiba has a sterling reputation for delivering feature-rich telephones with legendary reliability, and unmatched upgradeability. Our highly trained engineers and technicians handle all aspects of installation, programming, support and maintenance, and we're available 24 x 7 x 365 to handle any technical or operational problems that may occur. Our knowledgeable trainers provide hands-on, comprehensive user training for everyone on your staff - so you're assured high-quality local support and service, right in your own place of business.

From simple turnkey systems for companies with just a few employees to robust enterprise-wide solutions for heavy call volume, Interstate Technologies is your one source for all your telephone and telecommunications needs.

Our telephone/telecommunication solutions include:

  • Voice-over IP telephone systems for flexible connectivity among remote employees, remote offices and main offices.
  • Modular system design to give your telephone system an open-ended architecture, which will grow along with you.
  • Wireless technology that frees you from the confines of your desk, allowing you to walk around your office, manage your business, and stay in touch -- without the expense of cellular.
  • Unified messaging technology to reach people almost anywhere at any time -- and allow people to control when they can be reached. This is based on the concept of "your time" communications, where subscribers can interface with voice, fax, and email messages how and when they want, even converting e-mail into spoken words when needed.


  • Do I really know how much my company spends on communications?
  • Have I had a telecommunications professional analyze my network?
  • Do I have benchmarks to measure network performance?
  • Do upgrades require expensive equipment and software programming?
  • Is my telephone system capable of growing with my business?
  • How many phones and lines can I add before capacity is exceeded?
  • When considering a new system: How easily can it be upgraded?
  • Does the vendor have locally based support and service?
  • Does the vendor have customer recommendations and endorsements?
  • Are there extra charges for training?
  • How many phones and lines can I add before capacity is exceeded?
  • What does the warranty/maintenance agreement cover?
  • Are there leasing options available?
  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?